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New full text search for your apps Big Data optimised

How to find the most relevant information in hundreds or thousands of documents? Thanks to Aquafadas’ new full text search option!

New search is no longer limited to parts of text and metadata only. It allows you to look for keywords in the entire documents or magazines content, even if the user has not yet downloaded or purchased them.

It’s a fantastic life saver for B2B applications users. And for magazine publishers, it’s a great way to encourage readers to purchase.

Take advantage of this new functionality

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1000 pages analised in 500 milliseconds
ElasticSearch search engine

This new feature integrated in Aquafadas applications is based on a high-performance technology: ElasticSearch, allowing to search a new document in less than a second. This operation is done during the generation of the document and is therefore totally transparent for Aquafadas users.


Preview each page keywords
New search interface

To provide a more intuitive user experience, the new search displays a page preview in which the search word appears. Make sure to generate previews of your pages to offer this option to your readers.

Compatibility and other details

The new search module is compatible with all our creative tools:
InDesign Plugin (4.6.1)
Cloud Authoring

It is also compatible with all our kiosks:
IOS Applications
Android Apps
Windows applications
HTML5 Web Reader
Mac / PC software applications

All content you’ve generated in the last year * has been indexed to allow you to fully benefit from the new search. Contact us to index your archives.

Please note, the new search only works with an internet connection. When offline users can only search in the downloaded content. The new module does not index content by title or category.

* Indexing is provided within the latest versions of the InDesign plugin (4.6.1) And Cloud Authoring.