Box integration, saying bye to Flash and real-time analytics coming soon

By Tuesday August 8th, 2017All, Product related

Manage your app’s content with a simple drag and drop via Box

We know how keeping your app’s content up-to-date can be challenging and time consuming. Thanks to integration with Box cloud storage solution into our Cloud Authoring platform, you will now be able to upload and delete your PDF document directly to your app, with a simple drag and drop.


Here is how it works:

  • Create your document and save it as a PDF
  • Configure our technology to enable the Box integration feature
  • Agree the files structure and naming with your app manager
  • Drag and drop it to your Box storage
  • It automatically appears in your app

Read our blog to learn more about enterprise cloud storage solutions. Check business scenarios and how this integration can boost productivity.

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Goodbye Flash – get ready

HTML5 standards have been implemented accros all web browsers. It’s time to get ready to say bye to Flash. In the few months we’ll be phasing out our own flash export options from Cloud Authoring and InDesign Authoring Plugin. Don’t wait. Review how your present your web-based documentary today.

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In the meantime, check an example of our crisp, elegant and responsive HTML reader

New real-time data analytics coming soon

Please note, we’re currently working on improving our Analytics dashboard by replacing the current tool with the real-time data Rakuten Analytics Tracker solution. This means that our own analytics have been removed from Cloud Connect. But while we’re developing our new dashboard you can continue benefitting from third party tools such as Google Analytics, Piwik and Localytics.

How to optimise your digital content deployment strategy?

And if you’re looking for some industry stats, inspiration and insights, we have our latest white paper for you. Find out how to optimise content deployment and gain ROI from code free apps like ours.

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