[New] HTML5 web reader

By Wednesday April 26th, 2017All, Product related

New responsive web reader
Automatically adapted to all screen sizes

The new Aquafadas webreader is responsive, crisp and elegant. The pages and menus are automatically adapted to the smartphone, tablet and desktop screen sizes. The refined new design fades to highlight the content.
Using Cloud Authoring, display your documents with the latest new webreader.


No more conversion errors

Enjoy perfect PDFs rendering

Replacing documents conversion to html, our new reader uses the pdf.js format. And the results speak for themselves: pixel perfect view, sharp fonts, no generation errors and crisp text!



Customisable webreader

Based on CSS blocks

The new webreader from Aquafadas is built on CSS blocks. Thanks to this standard, web developers can freely modify its design. Menu, navigation bars, layout: all these elements can be modified.