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By Friday November 9th, 2018Product related

Empowering creativity

Today, your apps must deliver attractive and enjoyable mobile experiences. Thanks to the free Rakuten Aquafadas plugin for Adobe Creative Cloud InDesign 2018, graphic designers are able to create interactive content – as elegant as a glossy magazine and with a smooth navigation of a website. All of this without writing a single line of code or learning how to use new tools: knowledge of InDesign is enough.

Log into Rakuten Aquafadas to download the plugin for free.

New interface and backwards compatibility

We have fully recoded our plugin interface into HTML to make it compatible with InDesign CC 2018 (while maintaining compatibility with your previous projects) and to increase efficiency and facilitate any future improvements.

From now on inDesign plugin perfectly mirrors the Adobe inDesign CC 2018 UX making it super easy to use and ergonomic. New interface can be reduced and adapted to user preferences (4 possible variations from light to dark).

Watch our demo to discover how to create incredible mobile experiences using InDesign CC2018 with the Rakuten Aquafadas plugin.

A more effective plugin

Our plugin interface is now fully coded in HTML, CSS and Javascript, which guarantees greater stability, and facilitates automated testing to better verify its robustness. This new version also fixes some previous bugs.

Restrictions and improvements

The new plugin also brings various enhancements and features (learn more). We will continue updating it at least every month by adding advanced features such as games or the drag and drop functions. Please contact us if you encounter a bug or want to make suggestions.

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