Rakuten Aquafadas and Orion Santé partner together to drive innovation in professional training

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A new e-learning application from a medical staff education leader

Montpellier, 8 February 2018

Rakuten Aquafadas, expert in digital publishing, interactive content and app creation, part of the Rakuten Group, announce a new partnership with a training provider for health professionals Orion Santé. Following a few months of collaboration Orion Santé have launched their new web, smartphone and tablet mobile app based on a new generation and highly scalable Rakuten Aquafadas technology. The app is first of this kind in this sector and is aimed at trainers and medical staff.

Orion Santé have always been on the forefront of state-of-the-art learning course materials and they have thousands of happy professionals who benefit from their courses. But they know that today’s medical professionals have very limited time to develop skills outside of their day-to-day work. It’s crucial for them not only to learn effectively when in classroom but also to have a quick access to bite-size learning materials easily accessible on mobile, anywhere they are. That’s why Orion Santé’s long-term vision is to continue driving innovation in this sector by providing mobile-first experiences before, during and after training, while optimising training materials creation process.

“We’d love to continue being a market leader in our field reinventing learning experiences. It’s been a while since we’ve been searching for a technological partner to meet our vision and ambition. Rakuten Aquafadas, and the Rakuten Group they are a part of, is exactly the type of organisations and software we needed. The new app has already had great feedback and we cannot wait to continue enriching it with more new features such as AR, gamification and e-learning boosters.” Marcel AFFERGAN, MD, Orion Santé

Olivier Alluis, CEO, Rakuten Aquafadas : “We are pleased to be the partner of Orion Santé in its innovation strategy and its willingness to offer new experiences to health professionals who train using their solutions. Health professionals will be able to learn on mobile thanks to interactive documents and access to materials before, during and after training, even when on the road. Orion Santé will be able to take full advantage of our no coding skills required application platform to optimize its processes while advancing on their path to digital transformation”

Following the closer integration with the Rakuten Group in 2017, Rakuten Aquafadas is today a key player in a new generation application software able to seamlessly integrate inside it various digital services from other Rakuten business such as: e-learning, books, movies, chats, loyalty and finance systems and many more.

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