Rakuten Aquafadas makes mobile app creation accessible to everyone

By Friday November 9th, 2018Press release, Product related

Rakuten Aquafadas is a “no-code” solutions editor helping companies create mobile and web applications as well as design interactive content. It’s now relaunching a free offer aimed at all businesses willing to create their own enterprise app.

Creating an app for free

In a form of a “discovery pack”, Rakuten Aquafadas offers two yearly licences free of charge. Companies can create and manage a simple application (with a single document, or monodoc inside) that works on all mobile (iOS, Android) devices, no strings attached (no ads inserted within the created app).

Accessible solution: no coding, training and support included

Without any programming knowledge, users of this offer will be able to create a basic app structure including a single interactive document. To help those taking advantage of the discovery pack Rakuten Aquafadas provides online documentation, webinars as well as a series of step-by-step guides via email.

Recognised by well-known brands

Rakuten Aquafadas solution has already been successfully used by companies to share a corporate strategy, train new employees, publish and distribute e-book or interactive magazines, to only mention a few names: TF1, Crédit Agricole, Réunion des musées nationaux or Prêt-à-Manger.

Special offer driven by monodoc apps success 

“Monodoc apps” are very popular and present benefits such as creating and distributing interactive content on a large variety of platforms and devices. They often represent a good trial run before developing it into next gen apps offering advanced features such as engagement tools (push notifications), real-time content changes and management, analytics and ability to include endless number of highly enrich documents structured in user intuitive layouts.

Olivier Alluis’ view (CEO of Rakuten Aquafadas)

“There are two factors to succeed on a journey to digital transformation: choosing the best technology partner and securing budget for mobile-related innovation projects. Our new freemium approach will help taking the leap into mobile more easily, while creating disruption in the no-code apps sector, which is already thriving bringing fantastic results all across the world. Our mission is to support businesses who might want to take a step further by exploring endless benefits of more complex apps including: elasticsearch; unique business services such as loyalty and collaboration features; database connections, private and public access and many more.

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