How Stickers and emojis are becoming important branding assets?

By Thursday September 28th, 2017All, Press release

Stickers and emojis Viber Rakuten Aquafadas-banner

Rakuten Aquafadas following latest rebranding immortalises its brand mascot – the Aqua fish – as Viber stickers


From Montpellier, 27th September

Rakuten Aquafadas, leader in digital publishing and app creation, announced a launch of its new Viber stickers. The Aqua fish brand mascot converted into a digital character is a perfect representation of a cross-group collaboration between Aquafadas and Viber, both part of Rakuten, and a way to immortalise the heritage logo while benefitting from the messaging apps considered as the world’s new media channel. 

With 41.5 billion messages and 6 billion emoticons and stickers sent globally every day, Rakuten Aquafadas joins world famous brands such as Ikea, Coca-Cola, General Electric, Kraft, Burger King and Rakuten, who already released their stickers and emojis to engage their audiences and create fun and innovative brand extensions. 

Koichiro Takahara, CEO of Rakuten Aquafadas:

“Our new Aqua fish stickers are a way to show our personality within the Rakuten group that recently went through unified global branding changes with key principles of one strong ecosystem of diverse companies. We wanted to make sure that the Aquafadasians’ geeky sense of humor shines through. As innovation leaders we decided to tell our story in a new way and show our brand identity via our beloved fish mascot.” 

Debbi Dougherty, Head of B2B Marketing, Viber :
“Messaging apps like Viber connect people all over the world. With over 7 million interactions every minute by consumers on Viber, brands look to us for unique and interactive ways to connect with their audiences. Our sticker packs have been wildly successful, serving as both a branding tool and a high-impact way to drive engagement and collaboration.”

Rakuten Aquafadas recently undertook branding changes

Loyal mobile apps and digital publishing customers might have noticed disappearance of the teardrop and the crazy-eyed fish representing ‘Aqua’ – the Apple’s Mac OS X graphical user interface, and ‘fada’ – the muse. Like many other companies, Rakuten Aquafadas took the Rakuten Group brand symbols benefiting from the wider ‘R’ letter symbol awareness of the internet e-commerce leader. With rebranding comes heritage, clients and employees emotional attachment. Can stickers and emojis become new ways to carry the brand optimistic and innovative spirits?