Will your app be compatible with iOS11? Hide subscriptions and more in the new AppFactory 4.8.1

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Is your app compatible with iOS11 ?


iOS11 – how will it affect your app?

Apple announced that iOS11 will be released this autumn. It’s an exciting release but it comes with some restrictions if you app is older than December 2014. 

Once installed, iOS11 won’t support 32 bit-apps anymore. 

This means that users that have downloaded your app won’t be able to open it in iOS11 and those who want to download it won’t be able to find it on the App store.

How do I know its concern my application? 

Has your app been created with our NextGen store? No problem! Our apps are built as 64-bit so you won’t have any compatibility issue and won’t need to upgrade it. 

Is your app older than December 2014 or has it been created with another template than the NextGen store? Then there is a high probability that it’s been built as 32-bit and that the issue concerns you.

To check whether this applies to your apps, simply go to the settings of your Apple device: Settings > General > About > Applications


My app isn’t compatible with iOS11. What should I do? 

To comply with iOS11 you need to update your app to 64-bit and then re-submit it to Apple. To do so, you need to switch to our innovative, modifiable in real-time NextGen template. Then you’ll be able to update your app built under AppFactory yourself or using our help. Please note that if you chose an upgrade via our services, a deadline will be provided according to requests. 

Do not hesitate to get in touch to discuss best solutions adapted to your needs.

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AppFactory 4.8.1


3 new features with AppFactory 4.8.1

Universal Deep Links 

The universal deep links format are now available for web and mobile

Read the documentation


Hide subscriptions

You can now hide the subscriptions you don’t want to see appearing in your app via Cloud Connect.

Read the documentation


Digital Right Management

With a simple click, you will be able to encrypt your content so it will be available only from your app thanks to the DRM features in Cloud Authoring. This functionality that was available only on SDK is now possible on our NextGen for your Zave pdf file.


Please note: once your content has been encrypted through DRM, your users will have to update their app in order to access it again.


Download AppFactory 4.8.1 to enjoy these latest features.

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